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For any queries in relation with

  • Planning of new buildings, re-constructions and extensions
  • Maintenance, supervision and restoration
  • Optimum of working flow and transportation
  • Production-planning, production-control and production-optimum
  • Various administration duties
  • Budget-planning
  • Rental, leasing
  • Legal advice and authority contacts
  • Documentation and quality assurance

You often need liable information of properties, buildings, factories and network supplies.


Digital documentation produces two products:

DIGITAL LIBRARY based on a digital database

DIGITAL PLANS advantages and application (back to top)

No wear and tear
Digital plans does not wear and tear through resumption and utilization. Periodical renewals are applicable.

Stability of size
Inaccuracies, delays and co-ordinating mistakes can not be avoided by analogue plans. Digital co-ordinations do not change their value.

The scale of existing analogue plans cannot be changed unless new drawings are made. Digital plans can be transferred without any problems to other scales because they are memorized in an independent co-ordinating system.

Digital plans can be read selectively on the monitor or be represented in the plans.

With digital plans the structure of all data can be arranged accordingly so that the design can be changed dynamically at any time.
The symbol library enables you to change symbols in the plans without much effort.

Data can be memorized in digital plans without papercuts. The classification of plans can be determined at any time.

The use of data files and saving on a screen open new dimensions for usage, e.g. mobile operation.

The digital plan allows a self-contained adapting process from the electronic field-handbook to the data processed supported original measurement directly to the geographical database and to the analogue documentation in the specific database.
This allows the process to be faster than the manual drawing of an analogue plan.

DIGITAL LIBRARY - advantages and application (back to top)

Current room occupation
Complete information of the current room occupation can be queried or being plotted as inscription in the plans.

By digital recording of buildings the current room area is automatically calculated which enables the use of further purposes (rent calculation, settlement of accounts with construction companies) for re-constructions.

Depending on the details of the structure, the buildings can be registered and recorded in the digital book. Any queries - e.g. all rooms with sanitary facilities - can easily be answered.

Information on particularities
Specific information about rooms (inventories, condition of rooms) are recorded in the library. So detailed information is quick at hand when e.g. rooms with poor condition have to be listed up.

Our Output (back to top)

Inventory surveying

The survey of buildings, industrial plant areas, properties etc. are measured with the most modern technology (Laser, G.P.S....)

The data can be registered at point and be checked immediately. Wrong measurements can be minimized and time consuming registrations afterwards can be avoided.

Setup of digital plans and documentation

All data which have been recorded are transferred directly on CAD, getting processed accordingly and if necessary, arithmetically completed.

Examining and controlling of the analogue plans

We examine the available planmaterial of our clients on its effectiveness for digital documentation.

The buildings and constructions concerned are getting checked and all differencies will be documented. The absolute accuracy is ascertained by control check.

Digital take over of the analogue plans

If the customer is satisfied with our quality and current update, analogue plans can be changed without much effort to digital form to his demands.

Faultless digital planmaterial (clean, no notes or manual corrections) can be scanned and thereafter be vectored. Faulty, worn and torn plans must be revised manually. Plan informations of the same thematic are distributed on different levels and if necessary supplemented accordingly.

Adapting digital plans

Changes, extensions and structural adaptions of plans in digital form no matter what size - can be handled by us problem-freely and quickly.

We are fully equiped with different CAD programmes. Any changes of already existing digital plans of different origin (architects, designers, public offices...) can be done by us.


For any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team informs you professionally.

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