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A long standing forestry tradition with knowledge handed down from generation to generation. Precision and reliability count to our references as well as flexibility and high efficiency.

FORST SERVICE'S highly trained experts are surveying the whole process from the forest stands up to the delivery of the lumber and timber or final products according to the customer´s requirements.


From forest
to wooden products

How does
it all work?

Follow the process and learn about the FS logistic.
A short journey from natural forest stands to ready-to-use wooden products.

1. Forest stands

2. Harvesting 

3. Selecting

4. Logging

5. Sorting out

6. Saw mill

7. Drying

8. Storage

CIS examples:
Packing list
Delivery note

Delivery note, summary

9. Ready for shipping

10. Transport

11. Shipping

12. Final products