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Get some impressions of websites from all over the world dealing with forests or wood.
Have fun!
Iowa State University
An interactive key to help identify the most common trees in Iowa.
Website containing a database with descriptive details of most plant fossil genera and of those modern genera which have fossil species.
Trees of the Pacific Northwest; tree identification Home Page at Oregon State University
Tree Genera Of Borneo; interactive key to the 534 tree genera of the island; illustrated and comes in English or Indonesian
Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps; Stanford University
The World Conservation Monitoring Centre provides information services on conservation and sustainable use of the world's living resources.
See Maps and statistics on the world's forests
Earth´s forests - fine website with interesting pictures
Amazon Interactive; geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon; Ecotourism Simulation Game; Rainforests;
The Grand and Wise Old Oak Tree ;-)
An information service of the Idaho Forest Products Commission
containing "Wood Words" a forest dictionary
Sascha Auer - FinanzCoach